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  Lephenixnoir 5c07359b35
ignore PR editions 2 weeks ago
  Lephenixnoir e13d483436
ignore issue assignments and label changes 3 weeks ago
  Lephenixnoir 12631524e9
reverse hiding new issue comments by accident 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir b9ddbe6c43
improve PR merge pushes by detecting commit messages 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 9f7c228aef
ignore PR merges since associated pushes already show them 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 8004351098
ignore branch deletions and release updates 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir c32760a5e4
ignore PR synchronization 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 18fe26714f
ignore all events on invidual issue comments 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 07ddf67043
use repository.created instead of create.branch for master 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir ce478b06ef
show new and merged PRs 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir b0482c36a5
ignore forks 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir ebfeddf48c
advertise new repositories, ignore dual tag creation 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir f46af7cfc5
combine new branches with their specific commits 2 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 5b39da9714
add a catch-all event to discover available notifications 2 months ago
  Eldeberen 066b4f3412
Added edition to tickets notifications 4 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 6bdd0e284f
advertise new branches 4 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 9561a01b61
commit pluralization and new issues 7 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 7ec136ab4a
log messages and return status info 7 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 05025a941f
draft for a simple developer testing protocol 7 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 0fe5141be0
structure improvement, hidden repos, tag/summary support 7 months ago
  Darks 8102f7a1a4
Updated readme 8 months ago
  Darks bc2e9714b3
Updated repo 8 months ago
  Darks 11f0cdac4b
Added the script 8 months ago