326 Commits (3fb3ee40d2666d8c3caac83f09b655a3c033b298)

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Darks 3fb3ee40d2
fix: better PEP8 1 year ago
Darks 801bd188ae
feat: add .env and .flaskenv to gitignore 1 year ago
Darks 3a35c26bd7
forum: add pagination to topic list (#64) 1 year ago
Darks a83cef5970
attachments: fix #67 1 year ago
Lephe 03c577316f
thread: add a reference to the owner post 1 year ago
Darks b51ca8291f
Bug fixed 1 year ago
Darks 554898db87
attachments: merged attachments system into dev 1 year ago
Darks 56a584c535
attachments: added attachments system 1 year ago
Lephe 7e11469183
forum: add basic comment edition with preview 1 year ago
Lephe 79600e8598
templates: add a dynamic date format 1 year ago
Lephe 8a95d43eb0
templates: represent actual level in XP bar in user widget 1 year ago
Lephe d3f137b92d
programs: add models for programs and topic promotions (#20) 1 year ago
Lephe ea39b5d787
templates: fix indent and tags of forum index 1 year ago
Darks 47efd6689b
Merge remote-tracking branch 'filoji/dev' into attachments 1 year ago
Darks a2767c4343
widget_user: add title style if there is one 1 year ago
Darks a4efe29a7d
__init__.py: refactor registration of assets 1 year ago
Darks b108ce4cfe
titles: add displayed title (#65) 1 year ago
Darks b79bac1fc4
config: fix bug before it appears 2 years ago
Darks e35910ee76
config: refactor configuration values 2 years ago
Darks 0896a6b163
passwords: enhances passwords rules 2 years ago
Darks 4117ec4b15
user: FIX problème de perf à l'affichage 2 years ago
Darks 3a46f8046c
topics: ADD une relationship dans `Member` 2 years ago
Darks 8fbc3a635a
widget: FIX le lien vers la page d'un membre 2 years ago
Darks 31567e2454
table: FIX le css variabilisé 2 years ago
Darks 889a091030
admin: ADD suivi des comptes inactifs, validation manuelle (#58) 2 years ago
Darks 6cec9bf8ee
theme: ADD variabilisation du thème des tableaux 2 years ago
Darks 20f7dc268e
Merge branch 'dev' of gitea.planet-casio.com:devs/PCv5 into dev 2 years ago
Filoji 20622315bd Corrections 2 years ago
Filoji 1689f73e89 Correct errors 2 years ago
Filoji 229551a218 Add attachement.py 2 years ago
Lephe 19e4ee2e30
trophies: generate icons dynamically in the master script 2 years ago
Lephe 6b280c6901
trophies: add icons 2 years ago
Lephe 5566cb6262
trophies: add "Survivant de la v42" 2 years ago
Darks 5baad9f849
utils: FIX titre de l'email de réinit du mot de passe 2 years ago
Darks 1292791113
utils: fix send_mail >_< 2 years ago
Darks 77bcb99ea1
account: ADD mot de passe oublié 2 years ago
Darks 16756f639f
utils: Ajout du décorateur @guest_only 2 years ago
Darks 8bf825f9ea
registration: ADD email validation 2 years ago
Darks 48dd2b982b
widget-user: ajout de la polymorphie au widget 2 years ago
Darks c0f2552e03
trophies: fix le ! en fin de description 2 years ago
Darks 1b17234623
trophies: ADD hidden parameter, FIX admin panel 2 years ago
Lephe a2feb37dce
theme: bring back the form focus border 2 years ago
Lephe 8f43933521
users: do not fail to remove nonexisting avatars 2 years ago
Lephe c4bfef4765
trophies: add descriptions 2 years ago
Darks 1622b3c083
Réactivation des font… >_> 2 years ago
Darks 4d3e1a14f3
profil: complétion de la page de profil (#9) 2 years ago
Darks 5f84a64221
Correction d'un `</div>` qui trainait 2 years ago
Darks ec73177f48
refactor: Un peu de nettoyage (debugging prints, routes, …) 2 years ago
Darks 34bc74b8e5
feat(forum): ajout du post invité sur les topics (#36) 2 years ago
Darks e6c1545031
feature: ajout du post en tant qu'invité 2 years ago