121 Commits (55ef818b846d0270caf275b5efed470894bf7d7a)

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  Lephe 55ef818b84 api: remove less used requests 1 year ago
  Darks de2c1e8c63
Put admin routes into a folder 1 year ago
  Darks d3980fd131
Added some comments 1 year ago
  Darks 6c586ad4c6
Corrigé une coquille 1 year ago
  Darks b16d0ad178
Meilleur rendu sur les petits écrans. 1 year ago
  Lephe e5ff934c4a utils: add normalization of Unicode names 1 year ago
  Lephe 21ebfb7d2a account: remove innovation counter, use only xp 1 year ago
  Darks 28897cfa6d
LOGIN_DISABLED désactivé par défaut 1 year ago
  Darks e4ed9cb4b0
Retrait de quelques erreurs par rapport à la PEP8 (avec Flake8) 1 year ago
  Darks 3133f5f814 Correction de #8 1 year ago
  Darks a09cfd37b5 Quelques changements pour respecter la PEP8 1 year ago
  Lephe bc7580de25 account: implement leveling and a simple profile widget 1 year ago
  Lephenixnoir 8ce3785134 Merge branch 'master' of Eragon/PCv5 into master 1 year ago
  Eragon 83155beb4c
Removing contributing and license files 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm d482d1a6fb
Modification de la fonction render 1 year ago
  Eragon fdbd6577a8
Add Pipfile 1 year ago
  Eragon 183fb2d541
Merge branch 'master-fork' 1 year ago
  Lephe 9291855c87 style: improvements on forms and responsiveness 1 year ago
  Lephe b3ffd132f9 style: minor changes, leave Raleway 1 year ago
  Lephe 05b9328888 minor code and style edits 1 year ago
  Eragon 7a93f639fe
Updating requirements file and adding a new one 1 year ago
  Eragon b6d758c197 Merge branch 'master-fork' 2 years ago
  Lephe 725e768520 groups: move default group data to a suitable place 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm c17212da13
Merge branch 'master' of git.planet-casio.com:devs/PCv5 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2d0bce5d75
Correction de #20 2 years ago
  Lephe 8211183b5c templates: add a pluralize filter 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 0c4f0f6748
Modifications en vrac 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 07d2f87169
Changement du orange bg-orange 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 7745dc332f
Réinsertion du footer dans le <container> 2 years ago
  Lephe 834403038b privs: add methods to properly delete users and groups 2 years ago
  Lephe 7921bb5765 privs: create privileges from groups and users 2 years ago
  Lephe 4f02160ebb navbar: fix bad behaviour when the user is authenticated 2 years ago
  Lephe 255fe82032 reponsive: clean up light.css 2 years ago
  lephe 78b4299207 responsive: unify common style and light.css (WIP) 2 years ago
  lephe 9fe1104b45 admin: more on user and group generation 2 years ago
  lephe ceedcb60b0 fonts: add the Cantarell font to some pages 2 years ago
  lephe 9faabea997 templates: slightly restructure and improve design 2 years ago
  lephe 07a685f3c4 header: place elements as discussed with @Dark-Storm 2 years ago
  lephe d33b90aff2 privs: fix #14 (rebased from work by @Dark-Storm) 2 years ago
  lephe c201b3adbd style: minor improvements 2 years ago
  lephe 328cf887b0 style: something that makes sense 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 62729e6058
Ajouts dans le panel admin 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm eca5fe488b
Ajouts dans le panel admin 2 years ago
  Eragon bf90e9c720
Updating .env, run_dev script and REQUIREMENT.md file 2 years ago
  Eragon 870ec32887
Merge branch 'master-fork' 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 936d0e2e8e
Correction du ticket #15 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 912750d97e
Ce truc n'a rien à faire ici 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm ec748c41e7
Correction des EOF 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 584b1188d8
Grosses modifs sur le design. Ajout des routes /user 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm cd533a4ea3
Ajout d'un décorateur @priv_required 2 years ago