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Darks dda7cce5d5
Updated WTForms imports 8 months ago
Eragon 2b2a5cc0d1
Small typo fix 12 months ago
Lephe d964641e1f
forum: fix antibot field being visible (#51) 1 year ago
Lephe 9c78aca5ad
(minor improvement on threads' 1 year ago
Lephe 19586f9087
fix incorrect date display omitting years 1 year ago
Eragon 875524ccb6
#98 New readme with pictures and better description 1 year ago
Louis Gatin bf03862439 requirements: updated requirements 1 year ago
Louis Gatin 48d2b3333b added help command 1 year ago
Darks 94c0f3be70 Merge pull request 'css : update Tituya's V43 theme' (#103) from Tituya/PCv5:dev into dev 1 year ago
Tituya fba53699ad css : update Tituya's V43 theme 1 year ago
Darks a5ca1a252c
less: switched to lesscpy as Less compiler 1 year ago
Darks c6ef83d32c
post: add move to another thread operation (#79) 1 year ago
Darks d4ceeb2cd1
menu: filter the last topics viewable by user (fix #101) 1 year ago
Darks fbc500e833 Merge pull request 'Switch to LessCSS' (#102) from lesscss into dev 1 year ago
Darks 87d795959f
less (#97): first shot to Less 1 year ago
Darks 1112decbd0
less (#97): created makefile 1 year ago
Lephe b9abfcfde7
forum: properly redirect topic after changing forum 1 year ago
Lephe 3551103c88
forum: allow users to move topics to wherever they can write 1 year ago
Lephe be644a6e18
forum: update trophies/xp of deleted topics' contributors 1 year ago
Lephe 76f03be60f
forum: do not delete threads of promoted topics 1 year ago
Lephe a6689312cf enforce non-antialised upscaling of trophy icons 1 year ago
Lephe 306f1bab64
forum: balance XP of topic creation and deletion 1 year ago
Lephe 9f0cbc810b
forum: enable topic modification 1 year ago
Lephe b8ed0bba99 forum: enable topic deletion 1 year ago
Lephe 9727c2a986 forum: add an action to change the top comment of a topic 1 year ago
Lephe 7423e522c3 forum: minor improvements to thread display 1 year ago
Lephe d10f9b3b48 forum: decrease XP when deleting posts (+penalty) 1 year ago
Lephe b533f8a161 forum: replace comment action links with contextual menu 1 year ago
Darks 44d2a59cbe
requirements: add python-email-validator as flask-wtf now requires it 1 year ago
Lephe b1ca1c4bbc
model: fix a bug in Guest.__repr__ 1 year ago
Lephe 2d6007ead4
improve rendering and overflow of code blocks 1 year ago
Lephe 7fc4424812
forum: use a more readable date format 1 year ago
Lephe 1837f8f9a6
forum: anti-bot fields for guest topics and comments (#51) 1 year ago
Lephe 888006cf86
theme: add Tituya's v43 theme 1 year ago
Lephe 08a8be1766
simplemde: improve preview of code blocks 1 year ago
Lephe 6532dc8940
admin: remove empty group table in attachment manager 1 year ago
Lephe 64a6f270c5 also update title CSS 1 year ago
Lephe 59236cac70 update trophies in a lossless fashion (#82) 1 year ago
Lephe c4c9421beb
utils: allow empty CSS in validator 1 year ago
Lephe b31ed9bec2 reorganize commands (#82) 1 year ago
Darks f848615ff1 Petite amélioration sur la page de modération des images 1 year ago
Lephe 05f56a1cf4
forum: improve attachment inputs and allow edition (#49) 1 year ago
Lephe 619ea85eeb
css: add dark mode code, and improve code tables 1 year ago
Lephe c8c030081b
forum: preview formatting when editing messages (#49) 1 year ago
Eragon 78b6448167
Correct typo 1 year ago
Lephe 2aa2fd539f
clean up account forms (factor + syntax) (#70) 1 year ago
Lephe 7b948979aa
specify GPLv3+ license and add LICENSE file (#6) 1 year ago
Lephe 47a1e1fc65
(align indent) 1 year ago
Lephe 7301aa954b
theme: update dark theme, override SimpleMDE (#14) 1 year ago
Lephe b3d99b93f8
account: add a theme setting (#14) 1 year ago