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  Darks e15005a427
Ajout des stats sur la durée de chargement 10 months ago
  Darks 1d638689c6
Modifications on trophies and titles #10 (and more) 1 year ago
  Darks 79e3189f4b
First draw for trophies 1 year ago
  Darks d6e8f7d4d8
Split routes to folders 1 year ago
  Darks d3980fd131
Added some comments 1 year ago
  Lephe 8211183b5c templates: add a pluralize filter 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm 584b1188d8
Grosses modifs sur le design. Ajout des routes /user 1 year ago
  lephe 21e0679557 admin: start a panel with a database filler 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm 46ac8fcd1f
Redefinition des formulaires 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm 2f702ba97e
Redefinition des routes 1 year ago
  lephe 0299354a02 db: Move to PostgreSQL to support migrations 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm 16d846a4df
Django est mort, vive Flask ! 2 years ago
  suruq 593f6af6bb premier commit avec flask 2 years ago