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from flask import flash, redirect, url_for
from app.utils.priv_required import priv_required
from app.models.users import Member
from app.models.trophies import Trophy
from app.forms.account import AdminUpdateAccountForm, AdminDeleteAccountForm, \
AdminAccountAddTrophyForm, AdminAccountDelTrophyForm
from app.utils.render import render
from app import app, db
@app.route('/admin/account/<user_id>/edit', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
@priv_required('access-admin-panel', 'edit-account')
def adm_edit_account(user_id):
user = Member.query.filter_by(id=user_id).first_or_404()
form = AdminUpdateAccountForm(prefix="user")
addtrophy_form = AdminAccountAddTrophyForm(prefix="addtrophy")
addtrophy_form.trophy.choices = [(, for t in Trophy.query.all()]
deltrophy_form = AdminAccountDelTrophyForm(prefix="deltrophy")
deltrophy_form.trophy.choices = [(, for t in user.trophies]
if form.validate_on_submit():
f ="./app/static/" + user.avatar)
newname =
names = list(Member.query.filter( !=
if newname in names:
raise Exception(f'{newname} is not available')
user.update( or None, or None, or None,,,,, or None,
# TODO: send an email to member saying his account has been modified
flash('Modifications effectuées', 'ok')
flash('Erreur lors de la modification', 'error')
if addtrophy_form.validate_on_submit():
trophy = Trophy.query.get(
if trophy is not None:
flash('Trophée ajouté', 'ok')
flash("Erreur lors de l'ajout du trophée", 'error')
if deltrophy_form.validate_on_submit():
trophy = Trophy.query.get(
if trophy is not None:
flash('Trophée retiré', 'ok')
flash("Erreur lors du retrait du trophée", 'error')
return render('admin/edit_account.html', user=user, form=form,
addtrophy_form=addtrophy_form, deltrophy_form=deltrophy_form)
@app.route('/admin/account/<user_id>/delete', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
@priv_required('access-admin-panel', 'delete-account')
def adm_delete_account(user_id):
user = Member.query.filter_by(id=user_id).first_or_404()
# Note: A user deleting their own account will be disconnected.
# TODO: Add an overview of what will be deleted.
# * How many posts will be turned into guest posts
# * Option: purely delete the posts in question
# * How many PMs will be deleted (can't unassign PMs)
# * etc.
del_form = AdminDeleteAccountForm()
if del_form.validate_on_submit():
flash('Compte supprimé', 'ok')
return redirect(url_for('adm'))
flash('Erreur lors de la suppression du compte', 'error') = False # Force to tick to delete the account
return render('admin/delete_account.html', user=user, del_form=del_form)