La version 5 de Planète Casio. Regroupe le forum, les programmes, les tutoriel, les sprites et tous les autres outils développés par nos soins.
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  1. # Privileges
  2. Read/write access to forum boards:
  3. access-admin-board Administration board of the forum
  4. access-assoc-board CreativeCalc discussion board
  5. write-news Post articles on the news board
  6. Shared file upload (like /Fr/adpc/img.php for any file):
  7. upload-shared-files Upload files and images on the website server
  8. delete-shared-files Delete files uploaded with upload-shared-files
  9. Post management:
  10. edit-posts Edit any post on the website
  11. delete-posts Remove any post from the website
  12. scheduled-posting Schedule a post or content creation in the future
  13. Content (topic, progs, tutos, etc) management:
  14. delete-content Delete whole topics, program pages, or tutorials
  15. move-public-content Change the section of a page in a public section
  16. move-private-content Change the section of a page in a private section
  17. showcase-content Manage stocky content (post-its)
  18. edit-static-content Edit static content pages
  19. extract-posts Move out-of-topic posts to a new places
  20. Program evaluation:
  21. delete-notes Delete program notes
  22. delete-tests Delete program tests
  23. Shoutbox:
  24. shoutbox-post Write messages in the shoutbox
  25. shoutbox-kick Kick people using the shoutbox
  26. shoutbox-ban Ban people using the shoutbox
  27. Miscellaenous:
  28. unlimited-pms Removes the limit on the number of private messages
  29. footer-statistics View performance statistics in the page footer
  30. community-login Automatically login as a community account
  31. Administration panel:
  32. access-admin-panel Administration panel of website
  33. edit-account Edit details of any account
  34. delete-account Remove member accounts