Make them compatible with sh4 calculators.
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SH4 Compatibility tool

SH4 Compatibility tool takes binaries (aka addins) for old SH3 Casio Calculators and make them compatible with newer sh4 calculators (power graphic 2).

This tool has originally been created by Ziqumu (aka Alabate) during summer of 2013 for Planète Casio.

Documentation about problem solved by this tool can be found here on

Thanks to

  • Casimo to have created the first keyboard input function compatible with SH4
  • Simon Lothar and Andreas Bertheussen for their documentations on Casio syscalls
  • Kristaba pour ce topic
  • Alphacreator and Maliafo to have tried programs generated by this tool
  • Ayfer-Marie who gave me access to her SH4 calculator.