Alternative library and kernel for add-in development on fx-9860G and fx-CG50 under Linux.

Updated 3 days ago

Dépôt Gitea des sources de Sword Burst Zero

Updated 5 days ago

a C standard library for fx Casio calculators

Updated 6 days ago

Add-in development tools for fx-9860G and fx-CG 50, to use with GCC and gint.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Custom version of GCC for the Vhex kernel which enable shared object file generation

Updated 1 month ago

Meta-repository providing an SH3/SH4 build of GCC for the fxSDK.

Updated 2 months ago

Meta-repository providing an SH3/SH4 build of binutils for the fxSDK.

Updated 7 months ago

Lephe's GUI toolkit.

Updated 8 months ago

Fork of the OpenLibm math library with fx-9860G and fx-CG 50 support.

Updated 8 months ago

A versatile image rendering and transform library.

Updated 9 months ago

A microsecond-level performance profiling library for gint.

Updated 9 months ago

Utility program to automatically install, build and update repositories from this Gitea forge.

Updated 10 months ago