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A little game like Minecraft or Terraria.

Build an install

Install gint if you have not already installed it.

$ fxsdk build-fx
$ bash

Copy Builder.g1a that is in ./latest-build/ to the main folder of your calculator.


When playing

1 - Break a block. EXE - Add a block. MENU - Detailled inventory. 8,4,5,6 - Select blocks. 0 - Select something in the inventory. Right, Left - Move. SHIFT - Jump.

In the detailled inventory

SHIFT - Select a stack. 0 - Move the cursor. ALPHA - Transfer the blocks from the stack to the cursor. X² - Transfer a block from the stack to the cursor. EXE - Quit this menu. MENU - Go to the crafting menu.

In the crafting

SHIFT - Build the selected block. Right, Left - Choose another block to build. EXE - Quit crafting.


SHIFT - Burn an item from the selected stack. DEL - Burn the selected stack. EXE - Quit this menu.


EXIT - Quit the game.

Missing features

  • Survival.
  • Mobs.
  • Save.
  • Included help.
  • Water and lava.
  • Leafs.
  • Many blocks (see ./assets-fx/tiles/blocks/).
  • Portals ?
  • Boss ?
  • Multiplayer ?


See tickets.



You can get the latest build in ./latest-build/. If you find an issue, please write a ticket !