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# Presentation
[Fruit Ninja]( is an adaptation for Fx-9860 series calculators. I *do not* own the original game.
Cut the fruits before they fall off the screen, but do not touch bombs! You'll find 3 modes:
- Normal (3 lifes, bombs are lethal)
- Arcade (60 seconds, bombs clear the screen and remove points)
- Peaceful (endless, no bombs)
# Installation
Everything is automatic. Just put the G1A on your calculator and enjoy!
Sometimes the game is buggy and screen freeze. Press `TAN` then `EXE` can unfreeze the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.
# Gameplay details
## Score calculation
- 1 point per fruit cut
- +3 for a 3 fruits combo
- +5 for a 4 fruits combo
- +10 for a 5 fruits combo
## Bonus
- Star: score ×2 while the icon is displayed
## Trophies
A shuriken icon is displayed on the screen if you unlock a trophy. You can see them on the trophy page. There are 21 of them.
## How to play
Just cut the fruits with your finger on the keyboard. There is an in-game help for beginners.
# Credits & license
You can find the game on its [Planète Casio's page](
Thanks to Deep Though for allowing me to use his sprites.
This game is released under GPL v3