18445 Commits (sh3port)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Memallox b27b8de827 Add _console_read() implementation which is called by the read syscall (does not work yet!) 2 years ago
  Memallox 044e1e61aa Pseudo-implement syscalls: lseek, close, fstat, isatty, raise, read 2 years ago
  Memallox b3a1029f71 Remove legacy syscall definitions and changed syscall signatures 2 years ago
  Memallox 0ff0769612 Add errno information to some not implemented syscalls. See https://sourceware.org/newlib/libc.html#Syscalls 2 years ago
  Memallox e69da8b4e2 Enable newlib_io_c99_format to provide support for the %zu format specifier 2 years ago
  Memallox ce937c71e5 Disable some newlib features by default to safe space 2 years ago
  Memallox 13d72bd601 Implement a console which is fed by the _write() syscall (and thus e.g. stdout) and redirect locate() to the console 2 years ago
  Memallox c1c7c8d46b Add stdlib Casio syscall definitions 2 years ago
  Memallox c62afb7008 Add basic Casio syscalls (non-stdlib functionality) which are included into stdio.h 2 years ago
  Memallox 00a813c879 Add the targets sh3eb, sh4eb to newlib/configure.host 2 years ago
  Memallox adc05ff66f Add floating point definitions for sh3eb, sh4eb in ieeefp.c 2 years ago
  Memallox 33212d2dd0 Add the targets sh3eb, sh4eb to the configure.in files and run autoconf 2 years ago
  Memallox d5619f065a Copy code from target sh to sh3eb 2 years ago
  Memallox e48bf17efe Add IDE-specific paths to .gitignore 2 years ago
  Memallox f92ef41904 Add README.md 2 years ago
  Christophe Lyon 4f7a6c326a newlib/libc/ctype/jp2uc.c: Declare "cs" variable as "const char *" 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber 103b055035 Add generic implementation of fdopendir() 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber ab4fdab5d5 Add generic implementation of dirfd() 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber 738fdc6a42 RTEMS: Add struct dirent::d_type member 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber da418955f5 Move common <sys/dirent.h> content to <dirent.h> 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber 61fc64ed97 Open a directory with the usual flags 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber d3d838cc26 Make some standard open() flags visible 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 256f1171ac newlib: Build internal strtold code only if HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE defined 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 35555851d7 newlib: strtold: use __builtin_nanl to avoid libm dependency 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 682c4a9f1e Implement nanl in newlib only 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 323b48b975 Cygwin: lseek: return ESPIPE rather than EINVAL when called on a fifo 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 9479563e48 newlib: Drop incorrect const qualifier from __loadlocale parameter 2 years ago
  Sebastian Huber 201bbec6e4 Add attributes to malloc-like functions 2 years ago
  Christophe Lyon b6ba19e355 [Aarch64] Syscalls: fix prototypes 2 years ago
  Christophe Lyon 8a7536e91d [ARM] Make _kill() a noreturn function. 2 years ago
  Christophe Lyon f53ce01125 Define _COMPILING_NEWLIB on aarch64 to define function prototypes from unistd.h. 2 years ago
  Christophe Lyon 9edf0810db [Aarch64] Fix warning in _sbrk 2 years ago
  Christophe Lyon 3878d82a2b [ARM] Cast string pointers to int to avoid compiler warnings. 2 years ago
  Wilco Dijkstra 71e187bc07 Update Arm copyright notices in new math files 2 years ago
  Jeff Johnston 9feedf23db Update Arm entry in COPYING.NEWLIB. 2 years ago
  Szabolcs Nagy 877a386d76 Fix the documentation comment of checkint 2 years ago
  Hans-Peter Nilsson e3ddbeb84c Committed, CRIS port: fix fallout from time_t defaulting to 64 bits, part 2 2 years ago
  Hans-Peter Nilsson a6837ca34f Committed, CRIS port: fix fallout from time_t defaulting to 64 bits, part 1 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen d83404e418 Cygwin: console: make sure EnumFontFamiliesExW loop isn't infinite 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 7a720bfe08 Cygwin: console: store replacement char directly 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 60471176fd Cygwin: console: don't hang in check_font with raster fonts 2 years ago
  Jon Beniston bd993df0e6 search: Fix Berkeley DB hash code for 16-bit targets. 2 years ago
  Keith Packard 77f8a6dfab Use !__HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__ define to use _ctype_ directly [v2] 2 years ago
  Keith Packard 3b6994ec5f stdlib: Use __get_numeric_locale instead of __localeconv_l for decimal_point 2 years ago
  Keith Packard 28ecec475f Include sys/syslimits.h in limits.h 2 years ago
  Keith Packard 81e0841dbc xdr_private.h needs sys/types.h for u_char 2 years ago
  Szabolcs Nagy f92a4c5d2d Document the log table generation method 2 years ago
  Jon Beniston 7283d2513c stdlib/arc4random.c: Fix reseed count for 16-bit targets. 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 85c030a75f Cygwin: console: device context is process private 2 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen bf8aabe830 Cygwin: console: improve replacement char algorithm 2 years ago