Port Graph 90+E du port PRIZM de CGDOOM par Martin Poupe.
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This repository is a fork of CGDOOM which was ported originally by MPoupe.

Credit goes to:
* MPoupe for the original fx-CG 10/20 port of DOOM.
* ComputerNerd for attempts at an fx-CG 50 port, which this repository is
based on.
* Lephenixnoir for the final fixes and fx-CG 50 version.

-> Fix screen not cleared when changing resolution, add larger resolutions
-> Try and support more WADs
-> Reenable LTO if possible
-> Try and use more memory regions in z_zone.c
-> Overclocking etc.

CGDOOM used to be compiled with the mini-SDK. However, it's become quite
difficult to get a copy of that. Instead, this port is built with a slightly
modified PrizmSDK from Jonimoose/libfxcg.

The differences are (I might push it later):
* TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX=sh-elf- (in libc/ and libfxcg/)
* Syscall 0x1B0B, getSecondaryVramAddress() is added in libfxcg/
* abort() is removed from libc/ (CGDOOM has its own)
* calloc() defined in libc/ (just a call to sys_calloc)
* sys_calloc() fixed in libfxcg/ to use memset (memsetZero is broken)
* Linker script outputs in elf32-sh format
* Linker script sets 500k of RAM instead of 64k
* LTO disabled (hopefully it could be reenabled later)
* Syscall memcpy() (apparently broken) replaced by fxlibc memcpy()
* fxlibc qsort() is added in libc/

[1] https://github.com/Jonimoose/libfxcg/